B-12 (1000mcg)

SKU: 219-90
B-12 (1000mcg)
B-12 (1000mcg)
B-12 (1000mcg)

B-12 (1000mcg)

SKU: 219-90
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Viva Vitamins B-12 1,000mg (90 Tabs)

Viva's Vitamin B-12 helps with the metabolism of amino acids, supports the central nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract. B-12 is involved in a variety of functions which work to assure the normal functioning of all cells. It also supports red blood cell formation as well as the synthesis of DNA and contributes to neural function. Easily broken down in the stomach acid, this sublingual provides optimal assimilation of B-12, which is the primary nutrient lacking in pernicious anemia.

Viva Vitamins are proudly made in the USA and contain No GMOs and are manufactured in a NSF - GMP Certified Facility



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